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Symbria Wellness

Category: Wellness

Symbria Wellness programs not only increase the well-being and independence of your residents… they deliver results. Our approach begins with proven tools to identify where your residents will benefit most from fitness training, therapy or other activity to improve their quality of life. Our program consists of three components that identify opportunities and deliver individual results. 1. LifeSteps – evidence-based and research-proven assessment tool to measure physical, cognitive and life management capacity. 2. Integrated with VirtuSense – Leverage the latest technology to provide data-driven metrics and more accurate baseline and ongoing measurements for physical function. 3. Personalized fitness programming - robust input from two different assessment methods, we can provide the best and safest programming to keep your residents fit, active and thriving.

28100 Torch Parkway Suite 600
Warrenville, IL 60555
Tel: (630) 413-5800