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HPSI Purchasing Services LLC

Category: Group Purchasing Organizations

As the nation’s fastest growing Group Purchasing Organization, HPSI is backed by the purchasing power of nearly 19,000 facilities and delivers substantial savings that meet or exceed other GPO pricing. HPSI offers a wide range of products and services that covers virtually every category in which you purchase. We attribute our rapid growth to the personalized service provided by over 40 local Purchasing Consultants who operate like professionals on your staff. They’re available to source vendors, develop specifications, and find additional savings. HPSI guarantees savings and offers choice because we recognize your need for quality, savings and value. Our PCs will assist with your budget goals and provide free cost analysis to show you how much more you could be saving as an existing member or as a prospective member.

1 Ada Suite 150
Irvine, CA 92618
Tel: (800) 223-4774


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Kirk Hess