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Category: Laundry-Dryers

Category: Laundry-Dryers

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Gold Companies

Alliance Laundry Systems LLC Attn: UniMac Sales

UniMac® commercial tumble dryers are in a league of their own in terms of performance and efficiency. These durable commercial laundry machines achieve the perfect balance between drying temperature, airflow pattern and usable cylinder space for optimal drying results, while significantly reducing utility and labor costs. To further reduce operating expenses, ...

Continental Girbau Inc.

Continental and Girbau Industrial dryers are available in 20- to 275-pound capacity single-pocket models, and 30- and 45-pound capacity dual-pocket stacks. Built-in features help prevent fabric damage, over drying and dryer fires. A Linen Life Extension moisture-sensing system features 12 programmable dryness levels from zero to 40 percent. When the ...

Pellerin Milnor

Milnor manufactures innovative commercial laundry equipment known for durability.  Recent technological advances developed by Milnor result in substantial savings in water, energy and labor.  Backed by a network of dealers worldwide for service and support, Long-Term Care laundries see results directly to their bottom line using Milnor laundry equipment.