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Category: Analytics - Resident Care

Category: Analytics - Resident Care

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GPM, Corp.

CareTeam™ is the only collaboration platform that connects Senior Care Facilities with Long-Term Care/Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) practitioners by enabling real-time information exchange. CareTeam provides better patient population insights for Nurses, MDS Coordinators, and Medical Directors through episodic documentation, MDS analysis and reporting: Immediately view the physician’s encounters; View Patient Insights: ...

SimpleLTC, Inc.

Improve Quality Measures and Five-Star in real-time using predictive MDS analytics and workflow automation. No more waiting 4-6 months for CMS data because data analysis includes your most recently transmitted MDS assessment. Simplify cumbersome MDS/PBJ transmission and CASPER reporting processes. View your data in a simple, elegant dashboard and manage ...



Current and multi-time winner of Best in KLAS for Long-Term Care Software, MatrixCare is the complete solution for growing organizations that need to successfully manage risk in care delivery across the LTPAC spectrum. Trusted by thousands of long-term, post-acute care organizations, MatrixCare’s solutions help ACOs, skilled nursing and senior living ...

OnlyBoth, Inc. uses public Medicare data to uncover comparative performance insights and reports them in plain English with detailed context. Answers factually these benchmarking questions: How is this provider doing? Where could it improve? Where has it changed? How does it compare to nearby providers? and more. Simple, quick, very affordable.


Since 1995, PointRight has been delivering leading business intelligence and predictive analytics solutions to thousands of post-acute providers, hospitals and payers nationwide. Using PointRight’s comprehensive, easy-to-use data-drive decision support solutions, providers enable proactive care planning, inform quality improvement programs, reduce readmission rates and improve outcomes for post-acute populations. PointRight analytics ...

Quality Apex

Quality Apex is an affordable analytics tool that translates your most current MDS 3.0 data into actionable information to improve quality and outcomes. Measure QM rates from your most recent MDS 3.0 data; analyze performance against user-defined goals; identify areas for improvement using dashboards and drill-down capability and report progress.

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